About Us

Renegade Dublin real estate firm makes searching for an apartment easy and stress free.  Taking Real Estate out of the box… we make searching for an apartment fun, it doesn’t have to be serious and conventional!

With our experience and knowledge rest assured you’re in good hands! We serve Dublin and its great people, by matching tenants to great affordable apartments in the most interesting and diverse parts of Dublin. We work with your schedule- that means we have reps that work after 6pm to accommodate your work hours .

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Our History

Renegade was founded in Brooklyn, New York. With years of experience
being the leader in NO FEE apartment rentals, Renegade couldn’t resist in moving a branch to our beloved homeland of Dublin. With our office on
James Street, please feel free to drop in and let us know what type of
apartment you’re looking for or how we can help you with your new or old property for sale or rent!

Here we also have a department which specialize in renovation and development. Please take advantage of our skills and let us prep or renovate your property for either selling or leasing to the next tenant.


Our Purpose

Offering the best, most affordable apartments that Dublin has to offer. Matching great tenants to great landlords, has always been our purpose, since the beginning of our business. Today when it seems that prices and customer service have all taken a turn for the worst, our mission is more important to us than ever. We work hard every day to deliver great apartments, service, and options to all of our customers.